A Shamanic View of Disease

In shamanic traditions, a more holistic approach is taken to heal a person. It’s not just the physical body that is looked at, but the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies are also addressed too. In essence, the shaman deals with cause and effect, as is the case with laws of physics.

When the root cause is treated, true healing is achieved. If we only treat the effects and suppress the symptoms, diseases would continue to reoccur. In this way, generational and genetic diseases and conditions can be remediated. Sometimes this means the shaman travels back in time to the original hurt. Since the shaman knows how to cross the veil of time and space, the shaman can change how the past affects the present and the future.
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So what do Shamans do?

In many lineages, to be called a shaman isn’t done by oneself. It’s the tribe that recognises the abilities of the shaman over time and at some point they called him or her a shaman. With many who are studying shamanic practices, or with those who are newly qualified, the term ‘shamanic practitioner’ is used. In doing so, they honour the tradition of their lineage and path of allowing the tribe or an elder to bestow the title of shaman.

And yet, I heard a story where a student asking his indigenous shamanic teacher whether or not he should call himself a shaman. The teachers answer was, ‘why not? If you were a plumber, what would you call yourself? How would people know what you do?’ Indeed, many  who have been long in the shamanic community stop beating around the bush. A spade is a spade after all, so by that logic if you are doing the practices of shamanism — then really, you are a practicing shaman. In short, you are a shaman.

So for the purposes of this article, I’ll refer to shamanic practitioners as shamans, because when it comes down to it, that’s the work they do.

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House, Land Healing & Geopathic Stress Removal

Inishmore, The Aaran Islands Ireland.
Inishmore, The Aaran Islands Ireland.

To my amazement, moving to the Burren Region in the West of Ireland has awakened a passion and a calling in me to help heal the lands, seas, and skies of Ireland and beyond. Being from foreign lands, it is with great honour that I do this work. I have traveled across the world, to different regions and yet Ireland is the most magically alive place I’ve come across to date. It is these lands and it’s people that have instilled an immense gratitude in me. Helping me heal and open my heart. Ireland’s heart chakra is rising.

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Transpersonal Coaching & Shamanic Energy Healing

Peter's Place, Waterville Ireland
Peter’s Place, Waterville Ireland

During sessions, Antoinette is guided by spirit to the clients’ needs and pulls on her experience and training in Holistic Wellness Counseling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Practices and psychic intuitive training. She is also trained as a Reiki Master, Rahini Practitioner and has done Access Bars too.

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Shamanism? Is that a religion?

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney Ireland
The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney Ireland

When the topic of shamanism comes up, one of the first questions that gets asked is, ‘what is shamanism?’ And usually the next question is, ‘is that a religion?’ So let’s get right to it and answer these two questions.

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