I AM Mantras

I AM mantra affirmations and decrees can transform one in a powerful way. The energy signatures that one emits reflects back to you. We are beacons of light energy transmitters, like radio towers that put out a signal. And like radio receivers, others can mirror back to us these frequencies and can send out their own energy signatures too.

It’s in the mist of these mixed energies we find ourselves in. Living in a haze of confusion, not hearing our own voice. Not really having a clear picture of our own path. It’s during turbulent times, we experience inner storms and choppy waves. Chaos.

This is when we need to seek out a safe harbour and calm waters to clearly see our way. One way to do this is through meditation. To silence the mind, to create clear thinking. Continue reading I AM Mantras

The Heart-mind Connection

heart-mindDid you know that the Chinese word, xīn means heart or mind, often translated to ‘heart-mind’. The ancient Chinese believed the heart was the center of human cognition. In the West, we are so prone to separate thoughts and feelings into different separate categories. Rationality trumps emotions and we loose sight of our intuition and intentions. Often when you listen to the mind more tension is created. Continue reading The Heart-mind Connection