Aura Sprays & Smudge Oils

Uisce Oran Mór Smudge Oil and Aura Spray Blends

NovoStellar Uisce Oran Mór Smudge Oil and Aura Spray Blends
Uisce Oran Mór Smudge Oil & Aura Spray Blends

This is my chemical free version of the ever popular Florida Water (used for spiritual work) and brings in high vibrations. It is refreshingly light and contains Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon and Lavender. This spray realigns the chakras and subtle bodies powerfully.

I created it because I found that having Multiple Chemical Sensitivity I couldn’t tolerate Florida Water and other perfume and needed scents that are more natural. I have been getting really good feedback that it helps shift energies and is powerful in healing sessions when used by practiced healers. This high vibe blend is for uplifting, realigning and clears the heart chakra and upper chakras. Lower vibrations can’t linger with this blend!

Uisce Oran Mór Oil Blend 10ml roller ball bottle.
Uisce Oran Mór
Aura Spray 10ml, 50ml or 100ml.

Guardian Smudge Oil and Aura Spray Blends

NovoStellar Gaurdian Smudge Oil and Aura Spray Blends
Guardian Smudge Oil & Aura Spray Blends

As an empath and a highly sensitive person, feeling safe and grounded can be rather difficult. Like a guardian angel and nature’s love encapsulated in a bottle this blend embraces you and helps create feelings of safety, protection and reassurance. It helps ground you and clears the lower chakras up to the heart chakra. It contains Frankincense, Orange, Clove and Botanicals. It’s uplifting, nurturing, embracing and helps protects your auric energy body.

Guardian Oil Blend 10ml roller ball bottle.
Guardian Blend Aura Spray 10ml, 50ml or 100ml.

Palo Santo Smudge Oil and Aura Spray Blends

NovoStellar Aura Sprays & Smudge Oils
Palo Santo Aura Sprays & Smudge Oils

This Palo Santo oil (Bursera graveolens) comes from Peru and is sustainably harvested from branches or trees that have fallen over. It’s a spiritual oil, with a strong tradition in South America and is used by generations of shamans and medical professionals.

The Palo Santo Oil and Aura Spray Blends can be used daily on your body, to clean spaces and objects energetically. It is used for sacred healing ceremonies, for rituals, healing and purification sessions or in preparation for meditation. It uplifts and raises your vibrations and allows for a deeper connection to Great Spirit. It purifies and cleanses the air, clears negative energies and amplifies the positive ones. It’s powerfully grounding, balancing, uplifting and restorative too. Palo Santo also enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic. It has a soft, sweet, warm and soothing aroma.

Palo Santo Oil, 10ml roller ball bottle.
Palo Santo Aura Spray 10ml, 50ml or 100ml.

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