Holistic Wellness Products

NovoStellar Smudge Oils, Aura Sprays & Smudge Bundles

Antoinette created her own line of natural scented oils and sprays because she was having difficulties with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and found it hard to source chemical free, natural non-toxic products for spiritual work that she liked, so she created her own range of natural handcrafted scents. The NovoStellar Smudge Oils and Aura Sprays are made from high quality essential oils and herbal infusions that work with your emotions and auric body.

Using dowsing, guidance from spirit and channeling light, she blends these natural hand crafted Smudge Oils and Aura Sprays specifically to help people who are going through life transitions, challenges and spiritual shifts. So whether you are looking for a natural scent to wear everyday that can help uplift you, or if you are going through an awakening process through the dark knight of the soul, these powerful yet gentle essences can assist you through the process.

The aura sprays can be used to clear and uplift the auric body, as a room spray to clear space or as a natural body scent. They come in amber coloured glass bottles with spray nozzles for your convenience. They can be used on their own or in combination with the other NovoStellar Smudge Oils and Aura Sprays. To find out about each Aura Spray and Smudge Oil, you can go to NovoStellar Smudge Oils and Aura Sprays to find out more.

Her latest creation in 2019 are her Mixed Irish Herbs & Rose Smudge bundles.  She wanted her local Irish clientele to learn more about their own European herbs that grow in their own gardens and the surrounding landscapes. Common herbal plants have so much healing properties that are easily forgotten, and is easier to obtain in Europe. We don’t always have to go to overseas to indigenous culture to acquire spiritual or shamanic practices.

Through her Mixed Irish Herbs & Rose Smudge bundles she hopes more Westerners start embracing their indigenous European shamanic practices that have been lost through time. There is so much wellness right on our doorsteps, it’s only a matter of opening our eyes to it.

If you want to make an enquiry, you can contact us here.


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